Couples Counseling

Finding that person, YOUR "person" is such a joy. Life together can start off amazing, full of adventure, fun, LOTS of intimacy, and work towards building a future around common goals. Soon, life begins to happen in ways not planned, and the fun and adventure becomes more like dodging the same old arguments, consistent conflict, hurt, pain, and disconnect. Maybe there is even infidelity that happens, and the feeling of never trusting your person again becomes the overwhelming issue. Divorce may seem like the only option, and yet that even feels to difficult and painful. 

What would it be like to work through some of the "stuck" points, the hurt, the pain, and the anger to renew and regain the love and life together you worked to obtain? Let's find a time to talk about your relationship needs and desires, and start the journey together to heal. 

Treatment techniques may include:

  • Gottman Method
  • Analyzing Your Communication
  • Getting to the root of the problem
  • Enhancing Intimacy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Couple Retreat- speak with me about weekend intensives! 

When a relationship is showing signs of addiction, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and/or severe depression, seek guidance from a counselor immediately, for your safety and your partner.

Please feel free to contact me!