Blending families after divorce

The decision to separate or divorce is never an easy decision. The anger, pain, hurt, sadness, and sometimes guilt can become overwhelming. When children are involved, it can cause the entire process to feel like a never-ending battle with damage mounting. It is tempting to pull them into the war and fill them in on all the issues. Children will experience feelings of "torn loyalties" in wanting to love and be loved by both parents. 

New relationships can bring on extra strain and a new dynamic in the household as kids and adults adjust to live together. Parents can become combative with one another within a home as parenting issues arise. 

Families that experience separation and divorce can heal and become less combative in the process. Step parenting is a specific challenge and can become rewarding! This is where I can help. My office is the safe, non-judgmental place to work through differences and work towards collaboration.

If you are in the process of separation, divorce or have lived through these experiences and need some hope things will improve with your children’s other parent, I can help! If you are adjusting to life as a stepparent and want your relationships to thrive, please give me a call. I can offer a 15-minute consult to help you move forward toward hope.

Please feel free to contact me!