What is Couple's Therapy?

Deciding to start couples therapy with your partner can be nerve-racking. It is not the easiest choice to make. It may lead to many questions such as: “What topics will we discuss,” “What if one of us is at fault,” and “Does going to therapy indicate failure in our relationship?” These concerns are entirely common, you are not alone in having these thoughts! Hopefully, as you continue to read, you can gain a sense of comfortability with the process of couples therapy. 

I want to note that oftentimes, couples feel as though seeking therapy is a sign of inadequacy or failure in the relationship. However, that is not true; making this decision is the first step to working towards improving your relationship’s journey. Through therapy, you can discover your strengths as a couple and pinpoint areas that could benefit from additional attention and effort. 

Although every couple’s session may look a bit different, here's a general idea of what to expect:

          The beginning of therapy is a lot about getting to know you as a couple and your goals for therapy. Not only what brought you into therapy but what brought you together as a couple and learn a bit about your story as a couple thus far! This is a key part of the process since it not only helps your therapist gain insight into your lives but may also allow you to relive some impactful moments from your relationship. Some questions you may hear during the first few sessions are: How did you meet? What was the proposal/wedding like? What is it that initially attracted you to your partner?

          As sessions continue, we will explore your goals and dive into the areas where conflict continues to gain perspective from each partner. This is important! I never want any partner to feel left out or not heard. During this time, there may be some heavy discussions and even realizations- these moments are progress! That being said, I will make sure to respect each of your boundaries and never push when it has become too heavy. This is a journey, not a race, and I am here to guide you with compassion and understanding. Some topics that may be addressed during these sessions are identifying harmful/ negative patterns, communication skills, and addressing conflict.

          The length of therapy varies for each couple. Towards the end of sessions, you may notice a change in communication, intimacy, and overall connection with your partner. While perfection is rare, you will notice progress in your ability to manage conflicts and emotions both individually and as a couple.

I understand this process may be intimidating, but I am glad you have taken the first steps. This journey to begin couples therapy can be a transformative experience for couples ready to strengthen their relationship. If you and your partner are seeking therapy, remember that reaching out for help is a proactive step towards a healthier and happier relationship.

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